Join the U.S. Coffee in good spirits Working Group

The U.S. Coffee in Good Spirits Group is a sub-working group of the U.S. Competitions Working Group. This group is made up of volunteers who train and certify the U.S. Coffee in Good Spirits judging pool and ensure adherence, advancement, and execution of the competition’s Rules and Regulations. Group members must be members of the Barista Guild of America, Coffee Roasters Guild, or Coffee Technician Guilds and may be judges, head judges, competitors, or volunteers.

The deadline to apply to serve on this working group is October 1, 2018.


  • To provide coffee professionals opportunities to innovate, educate, and promote best practices via coffee competitions.


 The U.S. Coffee in Good Spirits Group exists to:

  • Uphold, develop, and enforce the competition and its Rules and Regulations.

  • Support and encourage competitors, judges, and volunteers.

  • Promote and raise the standard of excellence in specialty coffee.

U.S. Coffee in Good Spirits Group Member Responsibilities (2-year term):

  • Meet on the 1st Wednesday of the month at 12pm Pacific. (Members may not miss more than 3 of these monthly meetings. Members who miss more that 3 monthly meetings in a calendar year may be removed from the U.S. Coffee in Good Spirits Group.)

  • Complete any group assignments between meetings.

  • Help lead at least one Rules & Regulations Online Learning Session.

  • Stay active on the Trello Board or Google Group, participating in conversations as needed. This means checking in at least once a week, if not more.

  • Attend and assist at least one CoffeeChamps Qualifying Competitions.

  • Attend and assist at the USCIGS.

  • Record minutes for at least one U.S. Coffee in Good Spirits Group call per fiscal year.

  • Assist in modifying/developing the Judge Certification Workshops.