The U.S. Roaster Championship (USRC) is designed to highlight the art and craft of coffee roasting. The U.S. Roaster Championship will have 2 rounds. In the First Round, judges will blind sample competitor’s compulsory submissions and hear a short presentation from each competitor, describing the flavor notes and sharing green and roasted coffee knowledge. Attendees will have a chance to sample each competitor's compulsory coffee. In the Second Round, competitors submit a roasted coffee of their own choosing. Again, the judges will blind sample the competitor’s roasted coffee and afterwards competitors will give a short presentations about their coffee to the judges.

Leading up to the U.S. Roaster Championship, there are two Qualifying Competitions (called CoffeeChamps). Roasters must compete at a CoffeeChamps event to qualify for the national championship. There will be 12 competitors — 6 from each CoffeeChamps Qualifying Competition — advancing to the U.S. Roaster Championship in Seattle, WA from April 20-22, 2018. The winner of the U.S. Roaster Championship will represent the United States in the 2018 World Coffee Roasting Championship.


To learn more about the Roaster Qualifying Competitions or U.S Roaster Championship, please visit the following links: