Before competitors reach the big stage of the U.S. Coffee Championships—April 21 - 23, 2017 in Seattle, WA—they must qualify in one of two events being held in early 2017.

These events, called CoffeeChamps, will include the competitions, as well as other community-building and educational activities for the specialty coffee industry. More information about competing in the U.S. Coffee Championships will be provided to the competitors who qualify for the nationals.

For more information such as competition schedules, official Rules & Regulations, or to register, please click on the link for the specific championship in which you are interested in participating. Please ensure your Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA), Barista Guild of America (BGA), or Roasters Guild (RG) membership is current to expedite the registration process.

Online Learning Session: All competitors & judges are required to join one Online Learning Session. Visit each competition page to find their online learning dates and to register.


Qualifying Competition
Registration Fee

All Competitions:

BGA/RG/SCAA Member:   $195
Non-Member:   $350

See the pages linked above for important registration information pertinent to each of the Qualifying Competitions.

U.S. Coffee Championships Registration Fees

U.S. Barista Championship, U.S. Brewers Cup Championship, U.S. Cup Tasters Championship:
BGA/SCAA Member:   $425     |     Non-Member:   $695

U.S. Roaster Championship:
RG Member: $220      |      Non-Member: $350